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We have been engaged in the business of designing and printing indoor and outdoor flags for commercial advertisements for many years. We are experts in our field. You will not find better quality banners at a better price anywhere, guaranteed.

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The Rectangle Flags have a large printed area, making them ideal for indoor promotional displays or outdoor advertising. The portability of the rectangular flag banner allows for quick setup and takedown, with additional display bases to increase stability both indoors and outdoors. These advertising flagg banners are sure to make an instant impression on pedestrians and potential customers near your business or event.

The rectangle flags design can be customed. Our designer helps you to make the most of your rectangle flags area so that you get your message across clearly. Using a rectangle flags banner can make a unique appearance at an event outdoors or indoors.


Our custom printed rectangular flags are versatile and attractive, and can be used for many purposes. Use them to attract customers to visit your business, whether they are driving or passing by. In the breeze, these flags will wave customers into your store. They are also great for sporting events, gatherings and almost any other type of gathering, whether you want to attract a group of curious people or gather a group of people with similar interests.

We provide rectangular banners that look great but won’t break your budget. Each of these exquisite value flag sets is equipped with a beautifully printed flag and the fiberglass/metal composite hardware required to secure it, including strong poles and ground stakes. You can even display one of these single-sided rectangular signs with a cross base inside, sold separately.

Our unique printing process gives these flags a lasting and eye-catching appeal. Bright colors from edge to edge will not fade easily. The light weight of the single-sided flag allows it to flow more freely in the wind, exerts less pressure on the poles and stakes, and increases the durability of the suit.

Why Best Of Signs Rectangular Flags?

● Offer more exposure to your brand/business
● A great advertising tool for outdoor events, shopping malls and launches
● Weather-resistant
● Easy to install and take down
● Very lightweight, durable and portable
● Cheapest prices when compared online
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Will the wind ruin my flag or blow it away?
Our rectangle flag material has been tested for the outdoors. If it stays within the recommended mph winds, then there is no worry about the flag getting torn.
The pole sleeve finish on the flag keeps the rectangle banner secure on the pole set. Along with the bottom tab that attached to the pole and the curved banner arm shape, your flag should remain stable on the pole set if used in the recommended weather conditions.

Can I have different images on the front and back of double-sided Rectangular Flag Banners?
Yes! You can choose to design one side or both so that the sides are the same or both sides are different. Be sure to select the Double Sided Printing (3 Layers) options when you select product options.

What are the differences between the Feather Banners and Rectangular Flag Banners?
Great question! These two both belong to Flag Banner family, other than the obvious shape difference. Rectangular Flag Banners utilize aluminum poles to achieve the rigid block shape, where feather banners use fiberglass pole to get the streamlined feather shape. Additionally, rectangular flag banners have a wind slit on the top corner to help with installation and durability.

Is it recommended to use rectangle banner flags in windy areas?
Just like the sun and other external elements, outdoor flags are generally made to last moderate winds too. While it can resist low to moderate gusts of breezes, it might not be able to take on the pressure from heavy winds because of its lightweight and portable nature. Please refrain from flying your flag when the winds are too heavy.

What are rectangle flags?
Also referred to as rectangle flag banners, they are used for advertising purposes. The name comes from the fact that they are printed on a rectangle-shaped fabric. They are popularly used as an indoor and outdoor banner signage. Their generous size allows them to display large amounts of text and images as compared to other quirky shaped flags.

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