Large-scale outdoor advertising printing processing production
Large-scale outdoor advertising printing processing production

After the company has formed a certain scale, it needs to do large-scale outdoor advertising to show the strength of the company. Generally, large-scale outdoor advertising inkjet is placed in places with a relatively large flow of people. Shopping buildings in the city center and city squares are good choices because of the amount of display.Large, large-scale outdoor advertisements often represent the image of a company, so you must pay attention to the design of the advertisement and the selection of pictures.1. Light cloth: large outdoor advertisements need to use high-quality light cloth, light cloth should be thicker, ordinary 520 is too thin, at least use 550, or knife scraping cloth, thicker, this kind of light cloth benefitsIt is installed flat enough and has a certain degree of wind resistance.2. Inkjet: UV machine ink that will not fade for a long time is required, and the color will not fade 15% for more than two years.3. Reporting: The batch number of the urban management is required, and many consult the local urban management for the specific price.Those bought by Sutong ads are not used.4. Find Sutong Advertising Company: Generally, a similar good advertising location is that a large advertising company has already purchased it with the owner and then sub-leases it to customers.5. The installation master must be professional and have a certificate for working at height.Because the installation of large-scale inkjet lamp cloth is a high-altitude operation and a work with a high risk factor. It requires a high-altitude operation certificate and a case of work. Generally, it requires more than 2-3 people and a safety agreement; if someoneHand, send people to the site to watch the installation, supervise the installation of equipment and installation measures.

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