What you need to know about banner stands?
What you need to know about banner stands?

It’s hard to choose the right banner stand. With so many options available, it can be difficult to choose the right banner stand for your needs. What is the best way to communicate with others? What if I only have a small area within…? You may not be able to use your banner in any way, or if you make a mistake, your banner will sit flat most of the time.

We want you to be happy with your banner using the POS EXHIBITION SYSTEM and we want to make sure you get the right banner every time.

In case marketing, banner stands are a very popular way to display. No matter what show you attend, you will almost certainly have a banner stand.

This is true in many retail and office environments. When you visit a bank, restaurant or food market, pay attention. We are surrounded by banner stands.

It’s no surprise that they’re popular, because the design is both practical and effective. Banner stands can be assembled quickly and provide a large area for graphics.

How to build a retractable banner stand?

  1. Simply remove the support pole from the carved portion of the base spine
  2. Place the base of the support pole in the hole on the back of the base.
  3. Slowly lift the graphic out of the camp while tilting the display backwards
  4. The graphic should be pulled all the way to the top of the bar
  5. Attach the graphic to your pub using the outline bar (through the metal part at the top) and the connector near the top.
  6. To ensure the graphic stays in place, tilt the base forward.

Tension fabric banner stands or Euro banner stands are modern versions of the classic banner design.

These panels are made from pillowcase tension graphics and can be tethered using an aluminum pole shape with a bottom freezer.

European or tension fabric banner stands are a modern version of the classic design.

These lightweight energies feature a pillowcase stretch design. They can be reinforced using an aluminum frame with a zipper at the bottom.

There are many styles and sizes of banner holders. Banner holders can be one of the most useful displays for brands. They are versatile, affordable, practical, easy to use, and an effective way to share visuals and short emails.

While there are many options, most stands are very similar with only minor differences. Don’t pay too much attention to the display when placing an order. People don’t pay as much attention to the hardware as they do to the information in the graphics.

POS EXHIBITION SYSTEM recommends that you find a consistent style and stick to it. Because we offer a consistent product at an affordable price, we only offer a few options for flag stands.

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